Moving Day, Part 2

I am sitting on MY couch, in MY living room, in MY apartment and boy does it feel good. I am surrounded by boxes waiting to be unpacked, have their contents organized and put away after two years of being in storage. This morning it looked as if the rain would make this move worse then all of my "hottest day of the year" moves. But after the first load was in the rain let up and besides some small rain bursts all my stuff was successfully moved into my new place with the help of some very wonderful people. So which is worse you might ask, the rain or the heat? If it's actually raining I think the rain is worse but it was nice for the first time not to be drenched in sweat from moving. All in all a very gratifying yet exhausting day!


Jennifer said...

Congrats!! I hope you enjoy your new place!!

trinity said...

oh my gosh you wrote on your blog