Mendocino Coast Furniture Makers

I just got back from the opening of the Mendocino Coast Furniture Makers show at the B. Mori & Co. showroom in San Francisco. Now I am not usually one to plug different events and tell you all to go but if you like woodwork this is an amazing show. Tonight, being opening night, we had the added benefit of meeting the artists and munching on cheese and grapes and wine. But even without all those extras it is definitely worth checking out.


Another year older, another year...

...wiser? I don't know if that is true. Yesterday I turned 26. Am I wiser than I was two days ago or even a year ago? My life is definitely different today than it was a year ago. I've gone from living in a small Burkinabe village (where I had a two bedroom house) to my parents' couch in Felton. But then again I do get to use a real toilet here. I finished up the end of my Peace Corps service, said goodbye to friends, packed my things and returned to the states. So, here I sit looking for jobs, playing on the computer and trying to figure out where my life is going. Do I join main stream America and get the highest paying job I can? Do I look for a job more personally fulfilling? Do I try to travel? Do I try to find a way to go back? It's said that the more you know, the more you realize you don't know. So maybe I am wiser, but that doesn't make me any less confused. Any words of wisdom?